About Passenger Rail Oklahoma. Economic Development rides on transportation corridors regardless of mode. Passenger Rail Oklahoma is a corridor communities coalition promoting passenger rail expansion on the Kansas City - Wichita - Oklahoma City - Fort Worth and Oklahoma City - Chandler - Bristow - Sapulpa - Tulsa corridors. We are active in communities throughout the region, working to support passenger rail expansion for economic development. Our first meeting was held in August 2001 at the Norman Depot. Our membership provides presentations to public, civic, and government organizations.

Norman Depot Hosting. Passenger Rail Oklahoma volunteers provide Amtrak depot hosting for the city of Norman, Oklahoma, most evenings, holidays, and Saturdays and Sundays. Monday through Friday the Performing Arts Studio provides depot hosting services. Passenger Rail Oklahoma's first meeting was held at the Norman depot in August of 2001. If you live in Norman and would like to volunteer contact Evan Stair at 204.5801.

The Performing Arts Studio. Please check the Performing Arts Studio link for more regarding Norman's best concerts, artwork, and other performances. Call 405-307-9320 for more information 8:00am to 2:00pm Monday through Friday.

For More information about Passenger Rail Oklahoma
contact Evan Stair at EvanStair@PassengerRailOK.org

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