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High-Speed Rail Mythology - Introduction
July 29, 2017

       Passenger Rail Oklahoma begins its series on High Speed Rail with a statement of support. In 2001 the State of Oklahoma applied for and received designation as a spoke of the federally designated South Central High Speed Rail Corridor. Our organization is supportive of this vision.

       The prospects are intriguing: A forty five minute trip between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, effectively making each city a bedroom community of the other; An hour-and-a-half jaunt, Tulsa to Dallas. Yet, is this merely a fantasy? Is this in line with the USDOT Vision for High Speed Rail in America?

       Many elements of High Speed Rail in the United States are misunderstood. Myths have been spun so often as to generate unrealistic expectations. These myths in turn become an impediment to logical passenger rail evolution that one day may lead to High Speed Rail deployment in parts of the nation such as Oklahoma where High Speed Rail may one day emerge.

       In this series we will review the prospects. We will review costs. We will review government visions and programs established to deploy High Speed Rail from the urban reaches of the northeast to California.

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