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August 18, 2015: Welcome to KTOK AM-1000 Gwin Faulconer -Lippert Show Listeners!

The Eastern Flyer is delayed but not forgotten. Sometimes old news stories remain relevant to today’s activities. This June 1, 2015 Tulsa World article by Jarrel Wade explains why the Eastern Flyer is delayed.

So, timing is everything. Unfortunately, the Eastern Flyer has been placed on the back burner to save a passenger train, in Indiana. Amtrak stood ready to cut the Hoosier State. Iowa Pacific is now giving it a go.

Still, this is not necessarily a sign the Eastern Flyer project is dead. The Hoosier State Train Hoosier State Train is now running with Iowa Pacific Holdings equipment. Had Iowa Pacific not intervened, the Hoosier State would have been discontinued on April 1, 2015.

Work continues behind the scenes to ensure the Eastern Flyer, when deployed, will operate between downtown Tulsa and downtown Oklahoma City. This is not a promise, but we are hopeful. We appreciate your patience and support.

August 10, 2015: GOOD NEWS!!! Bike Racks Returning to Heartland Flyer.

We received word August 8 that Bike Racks will be returning to the Heartland Flyer. Details follow as repeated from Amtrak conversations:

According to Amtrak, "We have finally come up with an implementation date for handling bikes on the Heartland Flyer. The first date will be August 17, 2015. Passengers will need to make reservations in order to transport their bikes. Reservations will not be allowed prior to this date. There will not be any charge associated with the bike reservation. The train can only handle 12 bikes and the conductor will load the bikes in the bike racks. Please contact me if you have any questions."

"Only 12 racks have been installed due to limited space. Motorized bikes are not allowed because the bikes will need to be lifited up to the conductor. This is a weight and safety issue. The racks are installed in the convedrted F-40 locomotive (cab car)."

August 3, 2015: What Do Indiana and Oklahoma Have in Common?

On August 2, 2015 Iowa Pacific Holdings began providing onboard staff, equipment, and maintenance for the Hoosier State passenger train. Called a "blended service" Amtrak provides the conductor, engineer and reservations.

In Oklahoma, Iowa Pacific has also been dubbed by the Stillwater Central Railroad as the operator of a new train called the Eastern Flyer. We anticipate once Iowa Pacific settles into operation of the Hoosier State they will be back in Oklahoma working more diligently to deploy the long delayed Eastern Flyer.

In This Week on the Flyer Corridor we discuss this and other Oklahoma passenger rail news.

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